Training is Essential!

As a critical incident responder there are many considerations to take into account when addressing a threat.
Any responders or team that are sharing the same responsibility of responding should be educated equally.
Active shooter programs around the nation have done a great job setting the standard under the RUN, HIDE, FIGHT foundational training program.
During responders training programs there are many facets of approach that must be covered.

From, armed to unarmed encounters, what type of weapon is being utilized by the threats?

Are they a current threat or a retreating
threat and how to address them
according to the threat they are upon
contact with them?
Many other points that need to be
considered as well is, what type of
communication does your responding
team utilize?
What type of environment are you
responding within?
Are you using the correct weapons for
the environment in which you respond? >What type of ammo do you use?
Is your team familiar with the laws of the
state in which they operate?
Does your team know who to contact
immediately upon completion of
stopping a threat?
How often does your team train?
Does your team maintain adequate training records?

There are many areas of training that have to be covered besides knowing how to run in a room to neutralize an immediate threat.
There will be legal and liability issues that will be accounted for following a critical incident. Make sure your responders are trained in a manner to protect not only themselves but the facility in which they are assigned.

Training is essential, make it a priority!

John Hazeslip
SRCI Consulting LLC

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